SB228 SSH Page

Having trouble connecting to the Leland machines (cardinal, elaine, etc.)?

Sick of the Leland Kerberos software and Samson?

Maybe you should try using SSH instead.

What is SSH?

SSH, or secure shell, is a telnet-like terminal client that makes secure connections to a remote machine. The entire session (including password transmission) is sent over an encrypted channel. In addition, you can set up authentication using DSA keys, so you won't need to send your password at all. You can also use SCP, a secure copy program that allows FTP-like transmissions over a secure channel. It's much easier than hassling with the Stanford software.

Where do I get SSH?

There are free SSH clients available for all platforms:

  1. Max OS X

    Congratulations! You have SSH built in to your OS! Just start a terminal window and type:


    And you should be on your way. To find out more info type:

    man ssh or man scp in the terminal window.

  2. Mac Classic

    You can use MacSSH and MacSFTP. They are available from

  3. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

    You can use PuTTY and PSCP. They are available from the PuTTY home page.

  4. Linux

    SSH/SCP are pretty standard on most Linux distributions, if you don't have it, check the downloads page for your distribution, or download a free client from the web.

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