Model of the 3DL1*015 structure and model for the interaction of KIR3DL1*015 with HLA-A*2402

Supplementary material of Sharma et al., 2009 here...

Welcome to Karine Bastard's webpage

I am a Marie-Curie post-doc fellow in Michael Levitt's group at Stanford University since february 2006. I previously earned my Ph.D. in Molecular Modeling with Chantal Prevost and Richard Lavery in the Laboratoire de Biochimie Theorique, IBPC - CNRS, University of Paris 7. You can have a better overview of my education and experience here...

My Research Interests

- Evolution of enzymatic activities
- Prediction of enzymatic functional activity
- Classification of protein families
- Mechanism of molecular association and reaction
- Dynamics of molecular recognition
- Development of tools in docking and genomic analysis
- Application of molecular modeling tools to study biological system

To have a better insight of my previous and current research, follow the link...

Download the PDF of my PhD thesis (in french).